jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

The Best 50 Skate GIFS

Aquí vienen lo que son los 50 gifs de skate que más me engorilan a MÍ en este momento! Espero que os gusten..

Here you have the 50 skate gifs that I like the most at this moment! Hope you like it!!

Austyn Gillette: fs 270 to bs noseblunt

Anthony Van Engelen: Switch manual switch 360 flip out

Brandon Westgate: 360 flip

Brandon Westgate: Ollie

Eric Koston: Bs Noseblunt

Dennis Busenitz: Switch bs tailslide

John Cardiel: Fs fifty

Chris Haslam: flip bs smith

Chris Cole: quadruple bs flip

Chris Cole: 360 flip

Danny Way: Bs 360

David Gonzalez: bs fifty

Antwuan Dixon: Bs noses nollie big heel out

Antwuan Dixon: Being himself..

Bobby Worrest 

Dylan Rieder: Impossible

Eric Koston: Bs Noseslide

Felipe Gustavo: 360 flip effortless

Another one

Gino Iannucci: Yeah Right

Gino Iannucci: Bs flip

Gino Iannuci: Bs heel over The Gonz

Gino Iannucci: Switch bs noses fakie 270 out

The Gonz.

Guy Mariano: Switch pop crooked grind

Luan Oliveira: Hardflip

Chris Haslam: Ollie north

Heath Kirchart: bs tail flip out

Jason Dill: Ollie frontside to switch manual

Jason Dill...

Josh Kalis: Bs heel at Brooklyn Banks

Keenan Milton: Switch kickflip

Jamie Thomas: Sad. LEAP OF FAITH.

Lewis Marnell. RIP.

Lewis Marnell: Switch 360 flip

Luan Oliveira: Switch bigger heel

Yaje Popson: Bs bigges to disaster

PJ Ladd: Switch nosegrind fakie 360 flip out

PJ Ladd: Half cab flip to k-grind

Anthony Pappalardo: Ollie in Ollie out

Anthony Pappalardo: Switch Ollie into Love fountain

Anthony Pappalardo: Fs shove it nosegrind

Andrew Reynolds: Bs heelflip

Ryan Gallant: Flip bs noseblunt to fakie revert

Bastien Salabanzi: Switch heel

Bastien Salabanzi: Bs flip over the rail

The Gonz: Flip over The Gonz gap

Wade Desarmo: Fs flip

Brian Wenning: Switch bs smith

Jeremy Wray: Fs 360

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